Keep Reading If You're Sick And Tired Of Unnecessarily Throwing Away Tons Of Dough On Your Swimming Pool And Swimming Pool Maintenance.

"How To Maintain Your Own Swimming Pool By Taking Less Than 5 Minutes A Week And Learn How To Buy Your Chemicals At Wholesale Prices - Saving Hundreds Of Dollars Every Year! "

"I Will Show You Exactly How To Save Hundreds,
Even Thousands Of Dollars... Showing You All The Tricks,
Secrets And Tips To Swimming Pool Maintenance
And Even Fixing Your Own Pool...

Dear Friend And Swimming Pool Owner,

Hello! My name is Terry Duff and I reside just outside of sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I'm one of the nation's leading swimming pool service and maintenance experts. I'll discuss a bit more about myself and why you should listen to me in just a moment. Regardless of whether you found my site from a friend or neighbor or perhaps you found me from an Internet search...

"The Information Contained In This Guide Can Literally Save
You Thousands Of Dollars And Add Dozens Of Years To
One Of The Most Expensive Investments You've
Ever Made... Your Swimming Pool"

If you're anything like most of the people who visit my site you're here for one or more of the following brutally honest reasons:

  • You've now realized that your ‘pool guy' isn't everything that he claims to be.
  • You're tired or throwing countless dollars at your swimming pool and you know that there must be a better and more economical way to maintain your investment.
  • Your very first swimming pool was just completed and you have no clue on how to take care of it.
  • You're now wondering if the check you write every month to your swimming pool service company is really worth it.
  • You're fairly confident with your knowledge of maintaining water balance and chemistry, but you have no idea of why you're doing what you're doing.
  • You're flat out sick and tired of being lied to by every self-proclaimed swimming pool 'expert' you've spoken with.
  • You've come to terms with the fact that you have just enough knowledge of your swimming pool to get you into trouble.
  • You realize (and rightfully so) the necessity to protect the huge investment of your swimming pool.

This list could go on for a while. You've come to grips at this point (that's why you're here) that swimming pool maintenance can be difficult to understand without having the right education and information. The information that I've personally written was specifically designed to address that exact problem. You don't have to be a chemist or rocket scientist to maintain your pool and it shouldn't take hours to keep you're swimming pool sparkling. As a matter of fact, I've trained countless others and I've been paid thousands of dollars by simply sharing the powerful information and several little known secrets and Tips to swimming pool maintenance that are contained in this guide.

"I Can Show Anyone How To Maintain Their Pool In
Less Time And By Spending Less Money Than
They Are Currently Doing... GUARANTEED"

Within Minutes From Right Now You'll Be
Telling Your Pool Guy To TAKE A HIKE!

So who exactly are you and why should I listen to you?

Great questions and I'm glad you're bringing them up. Many people just "assume" that they're speaking with an expert because someone "says" they are or because they own their own swimming pool and that makes them an expert. I have too much at risk to make unfounded statements.

I've been published in national newspapers, been on national television and been in front of hundreds of people at live conferences…teaching others. I'm not about to jeopardize my integrity or my name over a few bucks.

Let me begin by stating that I've spent countless years not only studying the molecular composition of water and its volatility under various situations, but I also have years of experience in personally maintaining swimming pools and making sure they were safe to swim in with balanced water and chemical levels that are conducive for a pleasurable experience.

I have so many awards, certificates, plaques and documents plastered on my wall that I'd have to write a book just to mention each of them. The following points should earn just a bit of your trust:

  • I’ve maintained and been personally responsible for the water quality and maintenance of over 400 swimming pools

  • I’ve been responsible for the water quality and pool equipment for some of the largest commercial properties in the southwest

  • I’ve conducted countless new pool owner orientations for the largest swimming pool builders in the world.
  • I’ve been paid over $32,000.00 to maintain a single swimming pool

Look, I'm not trying to be arrogant or boastful, but it is important that you know my credentials and why you should pay attention to my every word. I could easily create a list that was 2-3 pages long of why you should listen to me, but that would be overkill and you'd probably think I was just "tooting my own horn" or bragging.

I'm not out to do that, but I do want you to feel comfortable and fully confident that you're working with a reputable person who knows every facet of a swimming pool.

This is EXACTLY why I offer my iron clad, no questions asked MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I like to call it "My customer is ALWAYS right guarantee". I'll chat more about that in just a moment, but first let me tell you exactly what you'll be receiving in this revolutionary, never shared before guide and why it is an ABSOLUTE MUST.

These Are Just A Few Goodies That Will Be
Shared In This Jam-Packed Guide

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
Understanding your pool equipment. What does each component do and why is each particular component so important?
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips How to purchase all of your chemicals at wholesale prices - now, you too can buy like the large retail stores saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars every single year!
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
Get a grip on the most important aspect of your swimming pool: Water Flow.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
The 7 sins that nearly every pool owner makes (costing them hundreds of dollars) and how you can avoid making these costly errors.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
How to maintain every aspect of your pool by taking less than 5 minutes per week and actually get more accomplished than you do now!
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
How to literally add years to the life of your pool by doing 3 simple things!
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
How to maintain a pool that sparkles like a 3 carat diamond in the sun by spending less than $11.00 per month on chemicals.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
A simple, proven way to save 30-50% on EVERY chemical and piece of equipment that you will EVER purchase for your pool.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
How to understand water chemistry WITHOUT being a chemical engineer!
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
How to save $$$ (big money) every single month and actually have a pool that sparkles more than it did before!
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
How to maintain a perfect balance of water chemistry that leaves you feeling vitalized and rejuvenated every time you exit your swimming pool.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips What to do when you get cloudy or hazy water - reacting quickly and correctly can save you BIG headaches.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips What are the primary causes for colored water, stains and scaling - and what to do about it when these ever take place!
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips How do we know the right amount to shock our pool? Too little and you don't kill all the bacteria or pathogens, too much and you may end up with a cloudy pool. This simple trick will nail the precise amount, every time.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips Understanding alternative sanitizers - what they are and how they work.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips Many common swimming pool problems and how to fix them yourself without picking up the phone!
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips What to do if the plaster or surface of your pool gets stained? This simple solution may surprise you.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips My tile line is caked with calcium buildup - how do I fix it!?!? I'll share with you an invaluable "trick of the trade" that you can actually pick up at your local grocery store that does the job.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips How to properly clean your swimming pool filter (whether you have a cartridge, DE or sand filter).
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips Every chemical reading you need to be aware of with your pool (and even a few extras) and the appropriate range that you should be aiming for to know your chemistry is properly "dialed" in.
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips Understanding copper and silver - how does this really impact your water?
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
3 pool supplements that are promoted by several of the largest swimming pool chemical manufacturing companies in the world that can leave your skin itching for days (it could save your life by staying away from these chemicals).
Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips
Why you should fire your pool guy today... tell them "Your services are no longer needed!"

Don't Take My Word For It...

"I recently purchased your fireyourpoolguy guide. I love it! Haven’t gotten through every word yet, but I can already see it’s worth every penny! Thanks."

Rhonda Kowarski
Las Vegas, NV

"I am impressed with your pool tips...I have my first pool and am just frustrated because it is hard for me to understand...but your tips are well written in layman's terms."

Thanks for the tips…
Glenn Jones
Rochester, NY

"Your guide is fantastic and well worth the $..."

Thomas Fenton
Little Rock, AR


Thank you so much for you help. You have helped me more than you know. I was not sure where to start but you have given me a place to do just that. Thank you again so much. You are awesome."

Tabitha Clark
Syracuse NY

There's no possible way I could mention everything that I discuss in my guide here, but the above is a nice starting point. This guide literally contains countless tricks and swimming pool tips, bundles of money saving ideas and so many time saving techniques that you'll be clicking your heels twice…only this time, you'll be taking gobbles and gobbles of your hard earned money right down to the bank.

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips

Using The Tips, Tricks And Goodies Outlined In My
Guide Your Pool Will NEVER Look Like This.

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips

Using The Information In My All Encompassing,
Never Shared Before Guide Your Pool Will Look
Like This Year Round - I Guarantee It.

How Much Is This Incredible, Money Saving Machine Worth?

This guide contains information that is worth literally thousands and thousands of dollars. By using my money and time saving tricks and techniques there's NO way someone can't save bundles of money. It just CAN NOT happen. Over the years I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on training and education. To the tune of nearly $30,000.00. That's a lot of money.

You're about to access all of my expertise, wisdom and experience in my guide. What would it be worth to sit me down for 30 minutes and pick my brain. Ask me any question you'd like. This guide answers your questions. Step by step. If it fails to resolve what you're experiencing, I will spend time with you. Over the phone...step by step. Until you get it. Although this guide is literally worth thousands of dollars, you won't spend anything remotely close to that. Let me break things down based on national statistics...

OK, So How Much Cash Will This Information Save Me?

Utilizing the information contained in this guide let's assume that you experience an average monthly savings of only $58.00 to maintain your pool (the national average is much higher using the information in this guide, but I'm trying to give you an idea of the worst possible scenario that you will experience). Well, according to my calculator that works out to be a savings of $696.00 per year... and that's before you include ANY repair costs! That's nearly $700.00 per year…going directly back into your pocket.

Not a bad pay raise for working less! Let's also assume that you keep your home for the next 4 years. That's a savings of nearly $3,000.00... three thousand dollars! Also, keep in mind this is assuming that your pool equipment never breaks or malfunctions.

And - You'll Learn How To Save Up To 50% Discovering Wholesale Secrets Too!

This guide will show you how to save 30-50% on every piece of equipment you ever buy for your pool for the rest of your life! Do something good with all the money you save as a result of using this information.

"The World's First, Most Simple And Comprehensive Pool
Guide That Can Show Anyone How To Be "The Swimming
Pool Maintenance Expert
" In Less Than 5 Minutes Per
Week ... Guaranteed"

This guide is literally your pathway to freedom. Here is just a short list of things that you'll NEVER EVER have to worry about doing again... EVER!

  1. Pick up your phone book to call a swimming pool maintenance or repair technician
  2. Paying full retail price for chemicals or pool equipment
  3. Experiencing dry or itchy skin after a swim
  4. Writing a check to a swimming pool service company
  5. Worry about the safety of your children or yourself due to chemical imbalances

National Statistics State That Pool Owners Hire A Service Company For 2 Primary Reasons...

  1. The homeowner simply doesn't have the time to meet the needs of their pool
  2. They don't have the knowledge to do it themselves.

Both of these are extremely valid and honest reasons to hire someone to maintain your swimming pool. This comprehensive guide was specifically designed to meet the needs of these 2 items. With the proper knowledge a pool can be maintained by utilizing less than 5 minutes per week…without cutting any corners!

As a matter of fact, by using my methods outlined in this guide you'll actually do a better job and increase the life of your swimming pool surface and your equipment. This guide breaks everything down to a systematic approach that walks you through the process of your pool maintenance and balancing your water and turns it into a system that anyone with a heartbeat can comprehend.

As a matter of fact, I'm so confident in this guide that I offer 2 guarantees! Many people say I'm crazy, but the bottom line is that I'm confident in my work and the countless hours I've put into this guide.

"This pool guide is THE ABSOLUTE LAST WORD on swimming pool maintenance…I give it a double thumbs up and a MUST READ for EVERY swimming pool owner on the face of the planet. You've not only explained what I must do in a simple step-by-step format, but you also explain why it's important... thank you for making this so simple!"
Ken Anderson
Maricopa County, Arizona

"Hey man.... Got your pool guide in the mail on Friday evening.

This is an awesome guide that makes all aspects simple. I read it over a couple of times and used it on Saturday with no problems…I will definitely tell others and send them to your website.

Thank you very much."

Freddy Ray
Moore, SC

"All I can do is express my sincere appreciation for your useful information you always give on swimming pool thanks a lot. I saved nearly $100.00 with your information just last month alone!"

Sunday Ademola
Wilmington, NC

"The book is very informative."

Bruce D. Mooers
Dover, DE

"I want to commend your pool guide bible I bought last year, after four years I am finally getting it...

It is a life saver."

Tom Matt
East Lansing, MI

"Hi Terry, thank you so very much for all the information you have sent to us. It is very helpful to us as new pool owners. We have reduced our maintenance costs by over $47 every month and we’re saving loads of time too!"

Alice Monteire
Houston, TX

"First of all, I want to tell you that I feel the money I spent on your pool information was well spent. You have a way of explaining things that makes it easy to understand, and for the first time in the 3 years I have been a pool owner, I feel that for the first time I have a handle on what is going on with my pool. Thanks a lot! Thanks again, Terry and keep up the good work!"

John B. Langan
Austin TX.

"Not only did your guide literally save me thousands of dollars over the past year because I was able to fire my 'pool guy', but I can't believe how simple you've outlined everything I need to know to take care of my own swimming pool. My husband and I can't thank you enough for putting this into a simple system that my 4 year old daughter can understand..."
Linda Fields
Phoenix, Arizona

"I Like To Call These 'My Customer Is ALWAYS
Right, No Questions Asked Guarantees'..."

"Can't Lose" Guarantees

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Guarantee #1:  I guarantee that by using the information in my guide you'll be maintaining your pool in less than 5 minutes per week. If you use my information and find yourself taking more than 5 minutes per week simply write down 2 time saving techniques that you used and send them into my office for a "no questions asked" refund. I don't care if it took you 5 minutes and 18 seconds…YOU ARE getting your money back!

Guarantee #2:  If after utilizing the information you spend a penny more than $11.00 per month on chemicals that are essential in making your pool sparkle simply send me a receipt and I'll refund every nickel of the purchase price for this guide - Period... no questions asked!

For a limited time and only for the first 125 people who request my book I'm basically giving it away for next to nothing. I honestly don't need your money, but I certainly value your business. I donate more money to charity on an annual basis than many people make all month. I generate more income in a month than most people do in a year because of my expertise. This is the least I can do to give back to an industry that has blessed me as much as it has.

The next 125 people will get this guide for just $34.95!

Look under your sofa cushions and under the seats in your car. The value of this guide is literally worth thousands of dollars, BUT... you must use the swimming pool tips and swimming pool maintenance information. Don't put this guide on the top of your monitor…that would be one of the worst financial decisions you've ever made. USING this guide would be one of the best financial decisions you've ever made. This guide is an ABSOLUTE MUST to every swimming pool owner on the face of the planet who is looking to save time and money!

"But Wait! Just When You Think I've Completely
Lost My Marbles I'm Actually Not Done Giving
Things Away Yet...

For The Next 45 Purchasers I'm Also
Going To Throw In 2 FREE GOODIES!"

BONUS #1! - For the first 125 people who purchase this high powered guide at this once in a lifetime offer I'm going to throw in something completely unheard of. You know, the biggest wish or desire that I get from swimming pool owners is "Terry, can I have direct access to you directly?". I've never done this before, but for the first time ever I'm giving away 30 minutes of my time for absolutely no charge. I've been paid hundreds of dollars per hour for my time. I'm giving it to you. Free of charge. There is a catch though. Only the first 125 people will receive this certificate that entitles you to spend 30 minutes on the phone with me. Just me and you and we can discuss anything that's taking place with your pool and how to resolve the issue. This offer is only good for the first 125 purchasers. No exceptions.

BONUS #2 - Unlimited access to me personally! Yes, you'll have my PERSONAL email address to ask away with all of your questions and get your pool problems resolved. You can email night or day! Not access to my assistant - me personally.


Option #1

A one time investment of just $34.95




Option #2

Ultimate Swimming Pool Guide Upgrade To "Professional Grade" Complete, 100% FREE Access To My "Secret Pool Vault". My "Secret Pool Vault" is updated constantly with only the most update to date, proven information!

And...ALL of the below items

All of this for a measly one time fee of $49.95

Pool Stain Removal Techniques
More than 160 pages of money saving secrets!
Resolving mineral problems  
Everything In Jam Packed Option #1!
How To Turn A Green Pool Crystal Clear In Just A Few Short Days
Both Guarantees Still Apply!
Advanced Chemistry (Yes, The Basics Too) Over 30 Pages On Salt Water Systems
30 Minute Phone Consultation and 24/7 Email Access!
Alternative sanitizers
  1. Can't I just figure this stuff out own my own?
    You bet. You don't need me. You could probably gather this information for less than .50 cents in late fees at your local library. The problem is that you'd have to pick up countless books and literally read, read and read for weeks or months to come. My Ultimate Swimming Pool Guide has all the information in one location without all the nonsense and clutter. There's no need to inconvenience yourself when you can get “the works” for less than $35.00. You'll literally save that much money just in your chemical savings over the next 2-3 months. And that's only if you implement just a smidgin' of what's contained in my guide.
  2. How Do I know This Guide Will Really DO What You Say It Will?
    You know, the honest answer is that you don't. How much more to the point can I get except to say that sometimes you just have to take a chance? If you don't take a chance, and keep doing what you've been doing, how's that going to work out? What happened last time?
  3. Hey, I Live Way Out In The Sticks In Badwaterville, Will This Still Work For Me?
    Yes. It doesn't matter where you live. The key is to understand how the what makes a swimming pool tick and what you can do as a smart consumer to reduce the overhead of your swimming pool, but get more out of it and better results at the same time. That's what my Ultimate Swimming Pool Guide does for you. Just follow my simple instructions for Swimming Pool Maintenance.
  4. Will the information work for me?
    You know, that's a good question and the truth is that I've never personally seen a guide myself that is so jam-packed with information that mine is. One of the best attributes of my guide is that I break everything down into bite size steps that anyone can understand. The information I've compiled with my years of experience will help anyone who is having swimming pool issues. It will work and I'm so confident that I offer 2 iron clad, rock solid guarantees backing up my guide.

I certainly don't blame you for being a bit skeptical. I've made some pretty bold statements. Skepticism is a sign of intelligence. The only thing I ask is that you don't use that same intelligence to deter you from making one of the best buying decisions you have ever made. Think for a moment about these facts:

Scary Fact #1 The average homeowner in this country spends over an hour per month on swimming pool related “chores”.

Scary Fact #2
Swimming pool owners spend an average of more than $1440.00 per year in maintaining their pool!

Those numbers are absolutely FRIGHTENING! I don't know about your schedule, but I have better things to do than take an hour (or more) every month on my pool. This brings to a very important question to you. Is it worth a one time expense and investment in yourself and your swimming pool of just $34.95 to save hundreds of dollars per year and countless hours of your time…every single year? I know, it's kind of a no brainer. Again, if you want to take advantage of this special and limited offer you must act fast (I'm only selling a total of 125 at this discounted price with the free goodies…no exceptions - PERIOD).

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Swimming Pool Tips

Terry Duff

You've heard the old adage that a good opportunity only knocks once. Well…this could very well be that "knock". For $34.95 what's the best thing that could happen to you? Well, everything I said would be true and you'd not only save money, but save time on your swimming pool maintenance as well. On the other side of the coin what's the worst thing that could happen to you? The worst-case scenario is what I've claimed doesn't happen and you get a check for $34.95. Talk about a no risk scenario…either way you make out like a bandit. You have NOTHING to lose, I've removed the risk for you.

It took me years and countless episodes of pulling my hair out because I couldn't get something figured out. This guide completely eliminates those 'episodes' from ever happening to you (keep your hair). If you can wait years to maintain your pool adequately then by all means certainly go ahead and start "self training". Most of you are on a different time line…that's why you're still reading. I've deliberately included my iron clad, no fine print, and no questions asked guarantees to remove ANY and ALL risk to you! You have absolutely NOTHING to lose!

Think back for a moment at what you've already invested into your pool over the past months or even years. How many times have you called a service or repair technician to come check out your pool because it's green, broken or whatever? How much would you have saved assuming you had owned this guide prior to those events taking place?

Option #1

A one time investment of just $34.95




Option #2

Ultimate Swimming Pool Guide Upgrade To "Professional Grade" Complete, 100% FREE Access To My "Secret Pool Vault". My "Secret Pool Vault" is updated constantly with only the most update to date, proven information!

And...ALL of the below items

All of this for a measly one time fee of 49.95

Pool Stain Removal Techniques
More than 160 pages of money saving secrets!
Resolving mineral problems  
Everything In Jam Packed Option #1!
How To Turn A Green Pool Crystal Clear In Just A Few Short Days
Both Guarantees Still Apply!
Advanced Chemistry (Yes, The Basics Too) Over 30 Pages On Salt Water Systems
30 Minute Phone Consultation and 24/7 Email Access!
Alternative sanitizers

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